An Introduction

Our story begins in the streets of Paris.

Parades of hand-crafted jewels, oversized blouses and luscious skirts caressing the narrow cobble-stone pathways as waves of ornate and crystal-eyed spectateurs clamor for a view. Prada, Gucci, Channel, Versace: a simple touch away.

Volumes of cotton, satin and velvet jealously floating from one finger to the next. A tough, arrogant musk lurking beneath each nostril, twisting and dancing until finally,thin and stale, vaporizing underneath rows of tin roofs.

This is where fashion begins-or is it?

Like a washed-out middle-aged politician with tenure – or a T-mobile contract – fashion has no boundaries. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, with the introduction of mass-production, fashion has become extremely accessible and globalized. No longer restricted to Milan or New York; Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, fashion has freed itself from the grips of the bourgeois and into the streets of one of the most overlooked centers of style – universities.

From the campus to the catwalk, The Style Collection combines the luxury and glamour of high-fashion with the rawness and beauty of  street-fashion. Whether right off the runway or straight from the campus bookstore, the Style Collection is here to highlight what you are wearing, as well as what is trending on the magazine stands.

So, let’s begin.


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