A Whole New meaning to Catwalk

Animal Prints and Breaking Bad inspired costumes were all the rage at The Annual Kitty CATure Fashion Show.

Image Via Jezebel

The International Cat Association (TICA) hosted its 5th Annual Kitty CATure Fashion Show last Sunday, bringing together two of societies greatest obsessions: cats and fashion.

Owners and their fashionable felines strutted their stuff and paws-ed ( get it?) for photographs on podiums at  the end of the  runway. The cats sported a variety of stylish pieces, including: bedazzled collars and leashes, fluffy  tutus, and denim vests.

However, most of the kitties were adorned in fabulous hand-made or designer costumes. A Sphinx wowed the crowd in a Breaking Bad inspired ensemble – chain necklace and beanie included.  A Persian kitten lit up the runway in a royal Marie- Antoinette style costume, infused with LED lighting.

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Recent trends in the feline fashion world include- ironically- animals prints; Zebra, Cheetah and Leopard where a few favorites. Vibrant greens, oranges and pinks added a splash of color to the a-meow-z-ing ( I had to) collections.

However, the 2013 CATure Fashion Show was unlike any other: this year’s event was the first to feature canine fashion.

In partnership with The American Kennel Club Meet the Breed, TICA enlisted Chihuahuas and other furry friends to showcase the puppy apparel. Dog sunglasses- better known as “Doggles”- are infused with UV protection and were one of CATure’s most popular pet accessories.  Other popular trends for pooches included helmets, crowns, and top hats.

Regardless your stance on animal apparel, you have got to admit, these are some flamboyant furry friends!

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