Elie Saab’s Spring 2014 Collection Under Fire for Predictablity

Did the Lebanese designer play it too safe at Paris Fashion Week? Critics would agree.


Elie Saab’s Spring 2014 Ready To Wear collection had all the necessary ingredients for a masterful show. As proclaimed in his program note, the collection imitated  “the wild foliage of a garden.” A wild garden it was.

Floor-sweeping dresses of hair-thin lace moseyed down the runway, crystals glistening under each light. Rose pink, green-blue, and chalk white silhouettes were married with plunging necklines and crisscrossed back straps.

Skinny belts paired with deconstructed corset-like tops left no waste undefined. Transparent tee-shirts peppered with prints of blossoming  flowers were eloquently united with loose monochrome trousers.

However, Saab’s lush garden of genteel cuts and girlish gowns did not generate many warm welcomes.

Critic’s labeled the collection “safe” and “predictable.” Others mocked Saab’s continuous use of slinky waste-defining gowns: “the designer needs to stray more often from his rather restrictive and commercially-minded bread-and-butter silhouettes” stated Thomas Adamson, in a recent Associate Press article.

At first glance, Saab’s 2014 RTW collection easily resembles the romantic and feminine styles of his earlier work; but this has less to do with predictability and more with tradition.

Saab’s 2014 RTW is not simply an encore or replica of runway’s past. Rather, it is an eye-dazzling collection and masterful homage  to Saab’s classic style: narrow, body-hugging gowns; thick crystal-coated cocktail wear; romantic and feminine cuts.

Needless to say, Saab’s collection is honest and loyal; a refreshing medley of tradition.

What are your opinion’s on Elie Saab’s Spring 2014 RTW collection: predictable or classic? I’d love to hear your opinions!

All Images courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily .


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