Fashionable smartwatch MEMI needs your help

MEMI is the latest smartwatch creating a buzz in the technology and fashion world. This is not your typical gadget- it’s jewelry.

The disastrous release of the Sony SmartWatch in 2012 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear last September left the tech world  buzzing and cringing. While the new gadgets promised a variety of features – device compatibility, e-mail, text and phonecall capability- they failed to attract customers.

Questions regarding the potential release of an Apple iWatch and a Google smartwatch has restored some faith in the future of wearable technology. However, these devices share the same problem- a bulky and bland appearance.

Larger, thicker and less versatile than most traditional watches, smartwatches are a bold contrast to today’s sleek and thin designs.

Two Atlanta women, however, have found a solution.

MEMI ( MEM-ee)  is a “chic iPhone-compatible smart bracelet” that alerts you of incoming texts, phone calls and important events.  Simple and stylish, the genius behind MEMI is its sleek design and incredibly specific features.

Using an iOS app,  MEMI can be customized to send  alerts when specific people contact you. You can step away from your phone without missing a call or text.

According to MEMI’s Kickstarter, the device also features:

  • Three distinct vibrations for calls, texts, and calendar alerts
  • LED light to indicate when you go in and out of range, and when it is charging.
  • Hidden Micro-USB port for charging and software updates
  • Long battery life holding charge for five days, on average.

MEMI has generated over $45, 000 on its Kickstarter page. The project needs $100, 000 by Thursday Nov. 28 to be fully funded. The money donated will go towards polishing and producing prototypes.

MEMI wants its contributors to take part in creating the design.  Early adaptors and enthusiasts can voice their opinions and have a say in MEMI’s design by taking a survey and visiting their website.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to disguise our technology in fashion jewelry so MEMI can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe.”             – MEMI, Kickstarter

The tech-bracelet features a metal “clamshell design and hinge closer” and has a variety of interior color options, including: turquoise, coral and white.

MEMI is priced at $150. Protypes of the device are expected to be shipped by August 2014. MEMI even offers donators- or pledgers-  exclusive information and gifts when they contribute.

  • Pledge $5: Stay up to date with exclusive MEMI news.
  • Pledge $25: Stay up to date with exclusive MEMI news and receive a free MEMI cosmetic bag
  • Pledge $125: Receive a white-interior MEMI and a travel pouch.

If you love MEMI and are interested in helping them reach their goal of $100,000 visit their Kickstarter.

To learn more about MEMI and get involved in the design process,visit


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