Casey Brooks explores fashion through film in “Madge & her Cup of Tea”

Dazed Digital revealed Casey Casey Brooks’s and Tati Cotliar’s new fashion film, ‘Magda & Her Cup of Tea.” The duo explore the “neurotic quest for perfection” – all while wearing Dior.

Film Still: Photography by Casey Brooks

‘Magda & Her Cup of Tea’ tells the story of a young girl’s loneliness and quest for perfection. In a recent interview by Dazed Digital’s Josh Walker, the director, Casey Brooks, explains that Magda, played by Tati Cotliar,  creates a world of neurosis. A world were she can perfect and perform her teacup rituals. However, Magda’s teacup ceremony is interrupted when she meets Alexandre, a dancer.

The film is, without a doubt, aesthetically pleasing. The metallic and lust-less tea-cups are a beautiful contrasts to the film’s setting: a destroyed and abandoned ship yard.

Magda’s wardrobe of murky gray, black, and midnight blue allows her to blend into the opaque skyline. Specks of lively plum purple and fuchsia glisten between each shot.

“To me, she [Magda] is  sort of the perfect-imperfect woman…she is ultra smart but so neurotic that it turns her sadness and loneliness into obsessive repetition.” -Tati Coltiar, Dazed Digital

The best part – or my favorite part- about the film was its exploration of fashion through film. Coltiar was styled in Dior, Celine, Vivian Westwood and Valentino. However, the film did not focus simply on what Coltair was wearing, but how she wore it.

Only through film could you see and feel the confining structure behind the Celine double-face coat (1:00); the fluidity of the Louis Vuitton floor-sweeping gown (2:25); and the smooth texture of Alexandre’s McQueen suit (2:25).

There is a certain character and humanity that film provides fashion. Fashion is – at times – so inaccessible or tightknit that it seems like a unrealistic world. Film breaks down these barriers. It marries the two practices together and explores an alternative universe.

“Film is still a relatively unexplored medium for fashion, but it holds endless possibilities. It has the opportunity to reach a new audience that print editorials cannot.” –  Casey Brooks, Dazed Digital

Click here to read Brooks’s and Coltiar’s full interview and watch the film.

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