Prada and Wes Anderson: A match made in heaven

The racecar jackets might say Prada, but the film has Wes Anderson written all over it. Watch Anderson’s new short, Castello Cavalcanti, for a glimpse of fashion and film.

Film Still: Prada

Some events are simply aligned in the stars. This is one of them.

Jason Schwartzman collaborated with Wes Anderson, once again; this time for an eight minute film, Castello Cavalcanti. Schwartzman plays an American racecar driver, J. Cavalcanti, who crashes in a small Italian village, circa 1955.

Waiting for the bus, he has a “shot of the local hooch” and discovers that he is stranded in the birthplace of his ancestors.

In traditional Anderson fashion, the film features a mouthful of witty one-liners, peculiar and erratic caricatures, and a glossy and sharp color scheme. The film is an homage to Italian cinema and Brazilian film director Alberto Cavalcanti.

Produced by Prada, Schwartzman dons a bright mustard-yellow and maroon jumpsuit with “Prada Racing” stitched on the back. A neon red helmet featuring the traditional Prada logo completes the ensemble.

The costumes were deigned by Academy Award winning costume designer, Milena Canonera. Although Prada is seldom featured in the film, the style and design scheme heavily resembles Prada’s Spring Summer 2014 Womenswear Collection.

This is not Prada’s first stint with Anderson. Earlier this year, Anderson produced Prada Candy L’eau, a darling advertisement for Prada’s latest perfume of the same name.

Released at the Rome Festival, Castello Cavalcanti is the third episode from Prada’s Classic Project. The Italian designer has proudly been one of the leaders in bridging the gap between fashion, film, and art.

Let’s hope to see more designers follow Prada’s footsteps.


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