Johansson and McConaughy stun in Dolce & Gabbana “Street of Dreams”

For Dolce & Gabbana, sexy is an understatement.  Director Martin Scorsese turned the heat up in the latest advertisement for The One perfume.

“The One” Still: Dolce & Gabbana

In what seems to be an endless parade of fashion-films and advertisements, I have decided to continue this weeks theme with Dolce & Gabbana’s latest film for The One perfume, Street of Dreams.

Directed by Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese,  Street of Dreams is a tale of two  lovers. Mathew McConaughy plays the  swav and seductive male protagonist, with the stunning Scarlet Johansson right by his side.

The quick and flirtatious banter between the two suggests that they were once lovers – and possibly still are.

Filmed in black and white, the short film is framed by the gracious New York City skyline – one of Scorsese’s favorite sceneries. The short film was released earlier this month as a three part  G&B advertisement.

However, it’s important to highlight Scorsese’s film because it does exactly what fashion films are meant to do: show the beauty and functionality behind the clothing. Street of Dreams is one of the best examples of how film and fashion become one: each complimenting the other.

However, to be fair, I would have adored this advertisement even if it was shot in the parking lot of a Burger King, next to an ATM with  Eiffel 65’s “Blue” on replay,  simply because I am at awe with Dolce and Gabbana’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection.

Ever since first laying eyes on the jewel encrusted collection, I have been obsessed. It is by far one of the most elaborate and well-planned collection I have seen in a very long time – and my personally favorite.

Each piece is a mosaic of religious figures in lavish reds and deep-sea greens. Bell-sleeve cocktail dresses resemble pieces of baroque art, decadent European rugs and even stain-glass windows. The outfits are topped off with golden crowns, adorned in rubies and emeralds.

Dolce and Gabbana recently released “Sicilian Jewels,” a collection of lipsticks and nail polishes inspired by the A/W Collection.

The deep red and midnight violet lipsticks are available at Sephora and are perfect for the chilly winter weather.


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