Take at trip back to 1808 in Historic St.Charles

An authentic English shop, Irish pubs and cobblestone pathways: St.Charles has got some serious charm! My recent trip to Main Street will have you wanting to visit Missouri.


Blue skies hidden behind a glowing sun were the icing on the cake.

A few weeks ago my friends and I took a trip to Historic St. Charles, the third oldest city west of the Mississippi. It was everything I expected: a marathon of belly-aching laughter; rows of vibrant and eccentric boutiques; and a tour de france for the taste buds. All of this wrapped in a history lesson.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a parade of horse-drawn carriages and the fresh smell of caramel popcorn.

Our first stop was  The English Shop- a wonderland for Brit enthusiasts. The enchanting shop was oozing with treasures from around England. From lemon marmalade and fizzy drinks, to rosewater perfume and King Henry cups.

After an hour of strolling and window shopping, we headed to Llywelyn’s Pub for some mouthwatering Celtic food.

Llywelyn’s is a place you’ll never want to leave. It’s rustic and inviting; a place you wear your cap backwards and spark a conversation with a stranger. The food is big and bold- but oh my it is delicious.

I forfeited my “healthy-eating” plan right after I opened the menu. First up was a bowl of fresh-out-the-oven pita chips with spinach dip. The chips were warm and crunchy- a perfect compliment to the creamy dip.

But nothing could compare to the award-winning Pub Burger.

Nestled between a toasted English muffin, the Pub Burger was a coup de maître of crispy bacon, caramelized onion and sharp cheddar cheese. Paired with Llywelyn’s garlic mashed potatoes- the only way to eat potatoes- my taste buds were in for a wild ride.

My friend Jaime was a bit braver. She dived spoon first into Llywelyn’s Irish Stew, a medley of  “lamb,  potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and green beans in a Guinness-Jameson stock” served in a bread bowl. Wow.

If the thrill of a pan-seared burger wasn’t enough, we headed over to Riverside Sweets for handmade ice cream. I nursed a delicious cherry-chocolate cone, while my friends Allison and Kristen cured their sweet tooth with cookie-dough and caramel.

To end the day we wandered into a scent shop, a two-story book store and The Enchanted Attic, an Earthbound 2.0.

Buddha statues, incense, crystals and Dammit Dolls, The Enchanted Attic is a mecca for the eccentric and the curious.

As we took our final steps through  Historic St. Charles- the sun setting in the distance- our shadows inched behind, taking in one last look. It was a day well spent: our bellies were satisfied and our feet were aching.

If you get a chance to visit St.Charles, have a look around and experience the joy that comes with wandering through a city frozen in time.

Oh! and remember to say hello to Daniel Boone.



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