My friends know me too well

I believe I am up to seven. Yet this one is a bit more special than the others! Click to see what’s inside the box!


I’m at it again- collecting cameos as if it were the end of time. However, the new addition to my ever-growing collection was not by choice. Rather, it was the work of my friend Jaime.

What can I say, she knows me like the back of her hand. The cameo ring is one of my favorite accessories; and have you seen that box? It’s the cutest gift box I have ever seen.

This weekend is off to a lazy start.  The nasty St.Louis weather has postponed any and all plans of frolicking in the sun, wearing sundresses and, sadly, enjoying this wondrous three day weekend.

Instead, it has left me with scattered snow showers, an 8track playlist and potential study time. I said potential.

Let’s hope things get sunnier. I need summer like McAdam’s needs Gosling ( isn’t that a lyric?).



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