Drake’s dad wears the coolest outfit in “Worst Behavior” video

I knew Drake had style, but take a look at his father’s “Worst Behavior” ensemble.  The giant gold chain is just the tip of the hat.


If you couldn’t tell by my instagram feed, I am kind of obsessed with Drake. Not only is he Toronto’s saddest boy, he is also one suave dresser.

From combat boots to Versace sunglasses and the infamous Dada shirt, Drake can pretty much wear anything.

However, I was recently re-watching the “Worst Behavior” music video, and noticed the gangsta God that is Dennis Graham.


There is not much to say about Mr.Graham’s style except that it is the best thing I have ever seen. I would describe it as 90’s gangsta meets middle age limo driver meets a maple leaf meets a Versace outlet.

Plus, that mustache just about kills everything.


Needless to say, I want ever single suit, hat, chain and pointed shoe featured in this video. Yes, I will wear all of them to school- proudly. Just imagine all the swag I would have! Endless swag!

Also, look at that green shirt and cardigan combo: so Drake, so right.





All photographs are stills taken from the “Worst Behavior” music video.


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