This is what happens when you make a meme…


In the midst of a procrastination celebration, I decided to use one of my favorite apps, Aviary, to make a meme. I looked to my television for meme inspiration. Lo and behold NeNe Leakes came to my rescue.


I am a big Bravo/Andy Cohen/ Real Housewives fan, and NeNe is the only Atlanta Housewife I can tolerate- although Pheadra has got some cray cray one-liners.

So, I paused my TV and took a pic of Mrs. Leakes praising it up in Church and posted it on Instagram. Within five minutes I received lots of love from Team NeNe- and even from the Atlanta Housewife instagram. Now I know most of you will shake your head at my idiocy, but I was happier than a flea at a dog park.

The only thing that would top this is if NeNe saw it herself!

– Romana


3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you make a meme…

  1. Is this the first time you’ve used “I was happier than flea at a dog park” or do you say that often when I’m not around? Just wonderin

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