I’m breaking “Elle’s” fashion rules and I don’t care

Elle.com released a list of Spring Fashion rules and they kinda sucked. I rather swim in a Pool of Piranhas than wear these! Plus more memes!


 Elle really wants to cramp my style, don’t they?

Whilst taking a break from watching Napoleon Dynamite studying, I decided to get some style inspiration from Elle.com.  Scrolling through the front page, I encountered the usual ” Winter Must Haves” lists and “Hottest Looks from Paris Fashion” posts. However, it was Elle’s ” 10 Rules to Live by This Spring” article that really frazzled my feathers. 

Screen Shot: Elle.com

What is the media’s obsession with lists ( Please don’t answer that with a list)?  7 Reasons to eat papaya this summer; 9 restaurants  Kim Kardashian loves; 8 shoes to wear to a Bat Mitzvah; 10 ways to wear sunglasses!

Sometimes these lists are interesting or even entertaining- usually not on purpose- but it’s just getting annoying. Who makes all of these lists?

Screen Shot: Elle.com

Elle’s list was really realistic- if you’re Sarah Jessica Parker. One rule told readers to wear Designer Logos! This is clearly aimed towards the regular Joe-Smoe and Sally-Whoever. I can’t wait to wear my MERONA logo hat and O.P.I logo belt!

Rule #4  told readers to wear an 80’s fashion favorite:  low-heeled pumps. I cannot explain how disappointed I am with this rule. WHO WEARS LOW HEELED PUMPS? ARE YOU A GOLDEN GIRL?

I hope you step in dog doo-doo whilst wearing your low-heeled pumps.

Screen Shot: Elle.com

Other rules, such as Rules #7,8,9 where actually realistic! I love Elle and high-fashion, but instead of  allowing Designers/high-brow fashion magazines  to dictate fashion trends, we need to start paying more attention to street style: to real people. Maybe then low-heeled pumps would be in the trash, not the closet!


PS: I made that meme! I hope y’all like it. I’m getting pretty good at this meme stuff, no? I really am watching Napoleon Dynamite…


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