The war on food:To eat or not to eat

How A trip to the Courtesy Diner made me write this totally personal and semi-philosophical post.


A few nights ago my friends invited me to the Courtesy Diner for dinner. If you know me, then you know I like dinner: it’s the third best meal of the day!However, I felt a little hesitant seeing as that I had already eaten.

I went anyway.

I ordered a chocolate shake to the dislike of our sarcastic waiter. I drank half of the shake which tasted as good as a $2 shake could taste.
However, the whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth.

Why did I order the shake? I thought.

A few weeks ago I had promised myself that I would eat healthier- rethink what I was putting into my body. I wouldn’t say it was a New Years resolution because I’ve actually been sticking to it. Rather, it was a promise I made to myself. Secretly, It was a way for me to feel in control of my life.

20140202-114528.jpgThe first Tour de France of university had left me lethargic and out of touch. I had/have no idea what to do with my life, and the constant pressure from peers and professors to find my calling AND be amazing at it was a hard slap in the face.
I felt out of control of not only my life, but my thoughts which were dominated -at that time-by an intense hatred for journalism and all other responsibility.

So, back to the shake.

I wasn’t upset at myself for drinking the shake, I was upset that I had lost control. That I hadn’t had the discipline to say no.
So last night, as I happily stuffed my face with two slices of cake, I thought to myself: why did I order the shake? Why am I eating this cake?

The answer was looking at me in the mirror (not really, this just sounds really dramatic). It was because I didn’t want to be judged.
I didn’t want to be the party pooper: the one who eats a baked potato instead of french fries. Nor be the one who doesn’t eat fast food- or food in general.
I had decided to indulge in a cup of sugar for the basic benefit of social acceptance.
I don’t blame my friends for this. Neither do I blame myself. There is really no one to blame.

Yet this chocolate shake has left me with heartburn and one question: how are we going to have healthy relationships with food if we are criticized on both sides of the spectrum- eating too much or not eating enough?

I can say I’ve been both a victim and a culprit in the war against food. The politicization of breakfast, lunch and diner has left nothing but a bad taste in my mouth.


PS- I’m such a rambler, but to be frank, I’m just trying to avoid doing homework.
Really wish I was at a Super Bowl party! GO WHATEVER TEAM IS CURRENTLY WINNING!


2 thoughts on “The war on food:To eat or not to eat

  1. We can go on the eating clean whole foods journey together!!!! lol. It’s really hard though when I’m not the one in charge of buying the food that gets to the house. I think it’s okay though to indulge every once it a while. I wish an almond milk shake with organic sugar was just as available. #firstworldprobz.

  2. Yea its beyond difficult- nearly impossible! Especially if, like you said, youre not the one in charge of buying it! Plus its sooooo expensive! McD Chicken: $1 Bread Co chicken: $7!! lol

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