A story of triumph, anxiety and bad hair!

Remember that time I gave a bad speech? Yea, me too- at least until today! I gave another speech and only one thing went wrong…


So, I didn’t suck.

Today, I gave another speech in my Public Speaking class and it went pretty well! The goal was to tell a story- personal or not- that had a moral or message.

After a week of procrastination and worry, I chose to speak about acceptance. I revolved my speech around George Orwell’s quote: “happiness can exist only in acceptance.”  To some degree I feel like this quotation has a negative connotation. I could not find the source of the quote, but it seems very 1984-ish and therefor could have something with brainwashing and Big Brother. However, I overlooked that idea for the sake of my speech.

Photo Cutesy of: lifehack.org
Photo Cutesy of: lifehack.org

So I prepared my self for the worst- or, should I say, a repeat of unfortunate events. I wrote my speech, memorized it and even recorded myself (20+ times) rehearsing.

Yet, come speech day, I was still nervous.

I realized that I was nervous simply because I was afraid of being judged. Not only was I speaking to my entire class, I was telling them a personal story that could change their perception of me- and not for the better. Sharing an intimate story with a group of people I had known for barely a month wasn’t an ideal situation.

But I  persevered.

In the final minutes before my speech I quickly realized that my classmates were in the same situation I was. We were all nervous and afraid of being misjudged. Yet, this fear and anxiety was what brought us together- it’s what bonded us.

I gave my speech- and I could feel my knees shake, my body sway; but my voice didn’t shake and I didn’t sweat persuasively!

Pretty much how I felt after finishing my speech!
Pretty much how I felt after finishing my speech!

When I was done, I couldn’t help but think how much my classmates had helped me.  They were all so encouraging and respectful and that changed


I came out of Public Speaking today with a new perspective of my classmates and my ability as a speaker. I’m sure I will be nervous the next time I speak, but underneath that anxiety will be confidence and power.

Now to the bad part. 


I had to use the little girls room really bad, so I escaped right after class. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed that a booby-pin had fallen out of my disheveled bun and a piece of hair was standing straight up! I wish someone had told me that I looked like I had weeds growing from my scalp! Help a girl out!

Also, my outfit was aweeeeesssome! I wore a metallic A-line dress with a gold plated belt and black tights + heels. Long story short: I looked fresh to death.



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