In the midst of midterms



I’m in the midst of writing several lengthy research papers. Ain’t I a party animal, y’all? I’ve been abnormally busy with classes lately, yet I never seem to get anything done. School is a drag. Yet, I do have a funny story to tell you.

So we are sitting in class and the professor starts making this really weird noise. At first I thought he was cough, but the noise was too pronounced to be a cough. So I stuck my neck out, and listened. Braaaak Braaaahhhk Braaaahhhhk. ” Oh we are making bird noises, now! Cool!” I thought. Braahhhk Brahhhhk . These were not bird noises, to my disappointment. Rather, my prof was simply asking my classmate a question. His name was Brock.Brock.I thought Brock was a name one gave to fictional Football jocks from 80’s teen flicks. Guess not. 

I’ve been listening to this album a lot. It makes me want to watch all of the American Pie movies- except the band camp one- and wear pants with too many pockets. It also makes me optimistic.

Allison introduced me to Fizzy’s, a local soda and all-things-bad-for-you shack. I got a pistachio alm


ond milkshake and it was amazing! The place is really cute and makes me wish I grew up in a Hallmark movie where it’s always Christmas.

Allison got a Cake-Shake. It’s a shake with a piece of cake in it. It was too chocolate-y for my taste- I dislike double/triple chocolate anything- but Allison loved it. It was very sweet- almost as sweet as her.

Just kidding, she’s a Grinch of a person with a derpy blog about gluten-free meatballs and dry-fit shorts.


Allison- along with my other “media” friends, Sam and Becca have radio shows you should ketchup on! They play awesome music, from indie to rock to country, while making very cheesy jokes!

I’ve met some awesome and very stylish people, I’d like to call them friends. It always surprises me that people want to hang out with me, especially after I’ve made a fool out of myself in front of them. Then again, who doesn’t like to have a lame friend- you know a friend who you can not only laugh with, but laugh at! That’s friendship.

Also, I really wanna go to a Tom Ford runway show and see the movie Pompeii. 



2 thoughts on “In the midst of midterms

  1. 1. “The place is really cute and makes me wish I grew up in a Hallmark movie where it’s always Christmas.” this is the most accurate thing ive read in a very long time. 2. That is not at all what my blog is about. It’s about matzo balls and yoga pants. 3. Stop being nice to me (Jk I love it) 4. I will definitely see Pompeii with you

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