A trip to The Delmar Loop, St.Louis’ Hottest Hot-spot

Food, fashion and forgotten weaves! My recent trip to The Loop will have you feeling adventurous.


I faintly remember my first trip to The Delmar Loop, a vibrant and unique part of STL City.

I was in high school, and my friends and I had just discovered the moral-less and time-consuming concept of ” hanging out.” It was a warm and windless day- perfect for window shopping and float guzzling.

We walked through the Loop’s six blocks of petite cafes, tucked-away book and jewelry boutiques and vinyl shops. We finished the day off with burgers and floats at Fritz’s: It was a day for the books.20140324-141810.jpg

Each time I return to the Loop, I discover something new; a rad bike store I am too intimidated to go in to, a suave and ‘spensive hotel or even a giant home-decor shop I swear was not there last month. Yet, this is what I love about the Loop- there’s a surprise around each corner.

My last trip to the Loop with my BF Allison brought on many surprises. 

We hopped off the metro – a unit of transportation I have yet to become comfortable with- and were overwhelmed by our first and best surprise- a forgotten piece of weave. Poor, lonely thing was laying on the sidewalk, waiting for its owner to come back.  I am not sure on the whereabouts of said weave,


but It was still there when we headed home.

The next few hours were filled with beautiful surprises, such as:

1. Watching two young men almost get run over by a car  because they are ”  2kewl” and ” don’t wait fo’ no street light.”

2. Being really really sweaty because you didn’t expect it to be THIS hot. I mean really, the other day it was snowing and now it’s 70 degrees!

3. Having old men reach for your face/upper body while you sit and wait for your table at Fritz’s.   This was more terrifying than you think.

4. Chicken Wraps- or any kind of wraps – are the World’s way of saying, ” hey, everything is going to be just fine. Juuust fine.”

5. The Tivoli Theatre is one of the coolest movie theaters in the STL- also, one of the cheapest  Allison and I saw ” 12 Years a Slave” and it was as marvelous as predicted.

6. Witnessing a homeless man wearing a new pair of sneakers and ultra 20140324-141828.jpgstylish Letterman’s jacket scream, ” Psshhht, y’all ain’t gonna help a homeless person out?!”

7. The chocolate fudge and cookies ice-cream at Ben and Jerry’s is a picture perfect ending to any day.

8. Homeless people are very complimentary.

9. 12 year old gangsters are also very complimentary. Being the attractive young women that Allison and I are, it was only natural for a middle school-er to exclaim, ” How you doin’ ladies” at the sight of our heavenly faces. It was also only natural for us to cripple his intentions.

10. Riding the metro back  home with your bf, make-up smeared, bellies full and all sense of maturity lost,  is how each day should end – also each late 90’s movie.

I also discovered that I like zooming into pictures of peoples’ faces. This is a great activity and highly enjoyable and humiliating. Try it out sometime!  Great for the whole family!




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