A taste of France in St.Louis

If you’re yearning for authentic French crepes, look no further than City Coffee House and Creperie!

A step past the strawberries,  clutched between your choice of organic or Dole, lingers a little plastic bag claiming to sooth your crepe cravings. The “I” replaced with a pencil sketched Eiffel Tower; a ribbon of luxuriated yums! and magnifiques, all in cased in a flag of colors so familiar you’d swear it was produced by Prairie Farms.Don’t be fooled, mes amies ! This little bag of fresh, egg-y goodness is as French as that Chanel purse you purchased at the kiosque in the mall.

It’s these pseudo-foreign, wanna-be commodities that plague me with bittersweet pain. I constantly teeter at the idea of French themed anything; restaurants, shirts, charm-bracelets, etc. They do nothing but promote cliches and stereotypical ideas of the cheese-fetishising Frogs. Yet, it is hard to resist promises of another culture. Sometimes I give in, even if it is only to point and say ” I told you so.”


So, when my friend Allison asked me where I would like to have my Birthday brunch, we both drooled at the idea of City Coffee House and Creperie. It was a bit of a gamble, to be frank. I greet its  “authentic” seals with a roll of the eyes, and Allison is particular with a hint of adventurous when it comes to cuisine. Yet, with an appetite for the pleasurable and novel, we put our cards on the table.

Located in Old Town Clayton, the creperie was  bustling with brunch enthusiasts on a Tuesday morning. Cute, cozy and cafe-eque, the creperie is as French as it gets in the Midwest. The place is very nostalgic of 1920s Paris with a bit of a Franco-American twist.

The food was tres délicieuse, to say the least. The crepes were fluffy and moist, and — gasp– can be filled with all kinds of foods, fruits and sauces. And, before I forget; they are gargantuan! I opted for The Freedom, a patriotic assortment of fresh berries and creme fraiche, and Allison went straight for the Nutella and peanut-butter!

If that wasn’t enough, we celebrated with sandwiches…on baguettes. As sandwich connaisseurs and lovers of fresh and hearty bread, Allison and I are constantly on the lookout for sandwiches with personalities. Ones that not only tease the taste buds, but provide a round-trip ticket to an exotic place or time — a destination.So we took a bite of France and vowed to return.

For me, there is always  something genuinely inspiring about sitting in a lovely cafe with lovely company. It’s about as authentic as it gets.



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