The Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Piece & How to Wear it

Not yet ready to say goodbye to Pina Coladas, bronze skin and daily trips to the pool? Me either.  The summer bug has got me again, and it’s making me itch for more summer style.The Button Down

After returning from  Florida– which I will be posting more on very soon– I’ve lost my appetite for any remembrance of hot drinks and thick sweaters. Typically, by this time of year I would be head-over-heals for cool and cozy nights and new seasons of my favorite Bravo shows ( Who’s watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey?). Yet, the weather has gotten drearier and the supermarkets have shipped over the pumpkins and corn candy, and I’m craving more ice cream.

I’ll admit it: I am not yet ready to let go of summer– preferably summer clothing. I would live, work-out, successfully walk a tightrope  365 days of the year in a dress and sandals if I could. So, If you’re like me and want nothing more than breezy style, try the perfect summer to fall transition piece: a button down.

Wear it buttoned or loosed; knotted at the bottom or tucked in a skirt, the button down is my new favorite piece. Roll the sleeves up or try a funky print–maybe a sheer blouse when the sun comes outs to play. Or, if you’re like me, try a crisp and easy white for a quick reminder of sunsets on the beach ( or really cheesy family photos)!



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