In defense of Mondays or Why I hate Sundays

Mondays have a bad reputation. They’re the first of 5 punches straight into the gut; the monstrosity of trailers before the movie; that one person who always shows up 15 minutes early to every party and school dance (go home Brian).


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The Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Piece & How to Wear it

Not yet ready to say goodbye to Pina Coladas, bronze skin and daily trips to the pool? Me either.  The summer bug has got me again, and it’s making me itch for more summer style.The Button Down

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Living like a Floridian

Florida is not my favorite state. It’s probably not even on my top twenty-five. However, there’s something about a place forever stuck in a sun-soaked daze that brings the best– and worst– out of me.


It’s a difficult task for me, enjoying the beach. It’s hot, painfully sandy and as Kate Nash so pleasantly sang it, I hate seagulls. So it came as a surprise when I found a dusting of peace and enjoyment in the marble-swirled sand dunes of Clearwater.


Was it the wispy smell of coconut infused sunscreen? The unapologetic razor cut bikinis and speedos? Or was it the endless horizon that enchanted me last night? Who knows. Maybe I’m just starting to like the beach.

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A Postcard Sunset

“The sunset itself on such waves of ether/ that I just can’t comprehend/whether it is the end of the day, the end of the world/Or the mystery of mysteries in me again.”  – Anna Akhmatova

Sometimes you just need a sunset.  For now, I’ll accept this photograph I took a few weeks back.



A taste of France in St.Louis

If you’re yearning for authentic French crepes, look no further than City Coffee House and Creperie!

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don’t be afraid of the f-word

Originally posted on queen/donut:

There are plenty of things I dislike in this world. For example, I can’t stand when people call me “sweetie.” I also hate when people bring up thigh gaps. And menstrual cramps. Those are the worst. But my least favorite thing in the world is when people, especially girls, are quick to assure others they aren’t feminists.

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