don’t be afraid of the f-word

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There are plenty of things I dislike in this world. For example, I can’t stand when people call me “sweetie.” I also hate when people bring up thigh gaps. And menstrual cramps. Those are the worst. But my least favorite thing in the world is when people, especially girls, are quick to assure others they aren’t feminists.

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A trip to The Delmar Loop, St.Louis’ Hottest Hot-spot

Food, fashion and forgotten weaves! My recent trip to The Loop will have you feeling adventurous.


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You need to watch this video!

Actor, television host and electro-pop singer Friedrich Liechtenstein is Supergeil in this commercial for a German supermarket!

The commercial is actually based off of Liechtenstein’s song Supergeil, which according to many media outlets and YouTube commentators, is the German version of Gangnam Style. You have to hand it to him, the song is catchy, entertaining and Leichtenstein is the official King of Swagger.

As a marketing student, I can’t get over how awesome and smart this video is! Let’s keep it real, supermarkets are not the coolest places- at least not in the U.S.A- but I wouldn’t mind spending my day at an Eneka supermarket. It applies to all audiences, and it sets them apart from other drab chain markets.

I’d love to meet the marketing  team and CEO that graced us with this lovely video- and Mr. Liechtenstein as well!